Noir Collection Benefits 1st Annual Cocktails for a Cause with Hilary Duff and Whitney Cummings

Hilary Duff and Whitney Cummings raised their glasses for a worthy cause at the 1st Annual Cocktails for a Cause in Los Angeles on December 6th. 

Duff, Cummings, & Munn pose for 1st Annual Cocktails For A Cause With Love Leo Rescue
Duff co-hosted the event at Hollywood nursery Rolling Greens with all proceeds benefitting Love Leo Rescue. Love Leo Rescue is a non-profit organization based out of Los Angeles that helps abandoned or abused dogs find forever homes.

Tables were topped with our Noir Collection and featured delicious hor d’oeuvres from Petrossian West Hollywood Restaurant and cocktails made by CHERVONA spirits. 

Serving Up Smiles with the Noir Collection

Black Colorblock Cups from our Noir CollectionBlack Colorblock Paper Cups from our Noir Collection.

The event included a silent auction, featuring prizes such as a Los Angeles Dodgers package, a weekend in Napa, jewelry and much more.


Guests including Michelle Trachtenberg, Olivia Munn and Hilary‘s boyfriend Matthew Koma joined the festivities to benefit Love Leo Rescue. The event marked the 9th annual Celebrate Shelter Pets Day which brings awareness to the benefits of adopting from shelters, as later tweeted by Munn.

How To Style Your Bestie's Baby Sprinkle

boy baby shower

If you're throwing your best friend a low-key baby sprinkle in honor of her baby boy, we've got some tips for you! Many parents-to-be are opting out of full-blown baby showers filled with baby poop games and diaper cakes. Instead, they're opting in for more simple gatherings with close friends and loved ones. We're here to tell you that these low-key celebrations don't have to be low on style. In fact, simple can be very chic.

We've mocked up a simple and stylish baby sprinkle for these warm end of summer days. Here are the ingredients:

baby shower party essentials

• RUNNER - An ivory cheesecloth
• PAPER TABLEWARE - Blue large plates, small plates, cups, and napkins from our new Malibu Collection, marble cups from our Blanc collection
• GLASSWARE - Standard clear glass
• FLATWARE - Gold!
• PLACE CARDS - Marble and gold placecards
• CANDLE HOLDERS - A variety of small black dishes and gold rimmed lanterns (
• FLOWERS - Simple palm leaves from the local flower mart
• WINE - Adorada Pinot
• CAKE + SMALL BITES (TO ACCOMPANY MEAL) Blue ombre watercolor with gold flecks and Trader Joe's frozen desserts topped with fresh fruits. 
• TAKE HOME FAVORS - If your guest list is small, you might consider scented candles for each guest!

blue and gold party plates

Keep the vibe relaxed and set your place settings in a casual manner. We suggest layering the Malibu small plate on top of the large plate. Don't be afraid to angle the small plate and place off to the side a bit. Tuck the Malibu napkin under the right side of the large plate at a slant as well. This makes the whole table feel less formal and more inviting for good conversations and lots of laughter.

modern boho boy baby shower

For our little dessert setup, we continued the unfussy relaxed vibe. We hung macrame art on the wall as a nice backdrop. We again used an ivory cheesecloth as a runner. We repeated the flowers from the dining table, simple palm leaves in white vases. Super easy. We set out a pretty ombre cake on a footed stand and augmented the spread with a variety of pastries (cost effective frozen ones from Trader Joe's!). One wooden tiered stand, a footed glass jar on the far left, and a marble tray was all it took to house the beautiful desserts! Lastly, we added a few votives in different vessels and called it a day. 

blue ombre cake

Simple elegant cake by our friends at Pretty Please Bakeshop.

modern tablescape baby shower

We recommend letting the drapey cheesecloth run off to the corner of the dessert table. Crumple it up a little and make sure it's strewn across the table as if it were wind-swept. 

blue and gold cocktail napkins

We love the idea of setting a neat stack of cocktail napkins on a small dish and anchoring the napkins with a couple of forks, just for display reasons. The rest of the forks can be placed in a sturdy cup for guests to grab.

blue gold marble paper party cups

Lastly, we sprinkled in some marble cups from our Blanc Collection to pair with our blue Malibu cups. We love mixing patterns and colors from our different collections! The subtle white marble worked really on this table!

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From Concept To Reality: How Our Tableware Collections Inspired Celebrity Whitney Port and Her Son’s First Birthday Party!

First birthday parties are so special and sweet, but they can also be stressful and overwhelming for busy parents. We know the pain!

So, when we found out that our "girl crush" Whitney Port was throwing her son, Sonny (nickname Chickens) a first birthday party, our team immediately reached out. Upon viewing our chic paper tableware collections, the fashion designer and TV personality fell in love with the blush and mint green palette from our Daydream Collection and soon-to-released Desert Rose Collection. 

As moms ourselves, we know how daunting the thought of planning a birthday party could be. First birthday parties, in particular, can be quite distressing to sleep-deprived new parents. So, we decided to pack our bags and fly to Los Angeles to help Whitney style her son's party! With less than two weeks to Sonny's party, we had to swiftly come up with a concept that could be simple to execute yet stunning for her guests to enjoy. We wanted Sonny to be impressed since he was the guest of honor! We also wanted the decor to reflect Whitney's effortless sense of style. After all, these memories (and Instagram photos) will be treasured for a lifetime. 

With a background in event design, our co-founder and creative director, Gloria, quickly mocked up a simple yet sweet dessert display for the party. We were also able to pull in some AMAZING Los Angeles vendors - Wild Child Party for the spectacular balloon installation, Rooted & Wild for the beautiful floral arrangements, and Sweet & Saucy Shop for the lovely sweet treats - to help make this happen at the last hour! 

Scroll through to see the details and result!

Digital mock-up from Gloria. 

 From mock-up to real life!

Sweet party hats, custom gold-mirrored chicken cupcake toppers (Etsy), blush and mint green treats by Sweet & Saucy Shop to coordinate with our partyware. 


Custom balloon installation by Wild Child Party and foliage from Rooted & Wild.


Blush and mint green brushstrokes paper party plates from our Desert Rose Collection (available in late August). 


Cutest chicken cupcake toppers from Etsy. We still can't get over how cute Sonny's nickname is! "Chickens"! Love!


Simple and elegant white floral arrangement by Rooted & Wild.


S'mores tarts topped with gold leaves for a bite of luxury. 


Our Desert Rose blush and mint green colorblock cocktail napkins (also available in late August). 

If you can, try to display a pair of tall and low floral arrangements on the side to add some dimension to the table. 


We knew that most of Whitney's guests would hang out in her gorgeous newly renovated backyard, so we dressed that area with simple coordinating decor to tie everything together. 


We placed several stacks of our Daydream and Desert Rose tableware across the table to make it easy for guests to grab.  

For outdoor events, even when the weather is forecasted to be unbearably hot, we recommend placing weighted objects over our paper tableware to anchor them down against wind. We wouldn't want our plates to fly off the table! In this instance, we painted some wood blocks in our color palette.


To finish off the outdoor vignette, Wild Child Party created another cute balloon garland for the rail, while Rooted & Wild whipped up these amazing centerpieces for the table.


And seeing how happy and pleased Whitney and Sonny were with the party, it totally made our day! 

Xo Jeanne & Gloria


Gender Reveal Party - Two Ways!

Gender reveal parties are becoming more and more popular by the minute, and we couldn’t help but notice that our customers are loving our Erika Collection for this occasion. Designed with "of-the-moment" colors like pale pink and navy, inset with rose gold details, it’s no surprise (other than the sex of the baby) that this collection has made it as many couples’ top choice when setting the tone for one of the most memorable celebrations of their lives! 

Now, whether you’re opting for a casual gathering or something more formal, we want to show you two ways on how to dress the table with our beautiful Erika Collection. Tips for a desserts + cocktail party and suggestions for a sit-down meal!

gender reveal party ideas

Here's a list of ingredients:

• FLOWERS - We suggest pink protea. They look great with the navy blue and pale pink hues of our Erika collection. Just a few stems on the side of the table is sufficient.

• DESSERTS - On a budget? Try getting a selection of frozen desserts from Trader Joe's and add fruits like slices of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries to make a tray of beautiful dessert. Add some 'edible' gold leaf if you're feeling fancy!

• CAKE - Pink or blue! It's up to you!

• FAVORS - Guests need pampering too! Spoil your guests with luxury bath salts and beauty goods.

• TABLEWARE - This is a no-brainer. Harlow & Grey Erika Collection plates, napkins, and cups.

gender reveal party

For a DESSERTS + COCKTAIL (or MOCKTAIL) party, we suggest an effortless layout with flowers and cake off to the side. Two stacks of navy and rose gold colorblock cups - one higher, one lower. Fanned-out display of small plates instead of a straight neat stack. It'll make it easier for guests to grab too. Mix up the varieties of desserts onto different vessels rather than clustering the same type of dessert in one area. Separating them out will make it appear like there are more for your guests to choose from. :) Show off some party favors at the table too. Lastly, add pretty coupe glasses on the side for when the parents-to-be give a thank-you toast for all who have attended their celebration.

Simple pink cake with gold specks - like the one here made by our friend from Pretty Please.

navy cocktail napkinsTwo stacks of cocktail napkins on each side of the buffet. Place some gold forks to anchor one stack of neat napkins. Other stack effortlessly fanned out as shown above.

pink bath saltBath salts and body polish from Herbivore Botanicals for guests to take home after an amazing celebration.

summer baby shower ideas

For a SIT-DOWN MEAL, the table setting will always take center stage. If you're hosting for a large party, pretty paper tableware may just be the way to go. :) Again, protea flowers are perfect with our Erika Collection and make great centerpieces. A bottle of rosé on the table for easy pouring. White pillar candles on marble trays or dishes. Votive holders in mixed metals of gold and rose gold. Our navy and rose gold colorblock cups for water, wine glasses for some rosé.

pink blush and blue party supplies

blue and pink party supplies For visual interest, try placing our salad/appetizer plates on top of meal plates but off to the side so it's not directly in the center. We suggest placing our napkins off to the right side of the plate at a slant. We've taken the liberty to break from etiquette since our partyware isn't formal. Proper etiquette calls for napkins to be set neatly on the left side of the place setting assuming you would unfold the napkin and place on your lap. We think with a paper napkin, you would most likely grab with your right hand (assuming most are right-handed). Plus, it just looks better when we have most of our salad/appetizer plates sitting on the left side of the meal plate.

pink marshmallowsWe think it's a fun idea to have some treats on the dining table too! Here, we have a gold dish filled with marshmallows by Malvi Mallow! It's nice to have these types of sweets to pass around while guests chat and wait for the meal to begin. Marshmallows are playful and great for a gender reveal. Fluffy and made with all natural ingredients, it looks awesome with our Erika collection! 

modern pink and blue table setting

pink blue rose gold modern party supplies

How To Host A Dreamy Bridal Shower Part 2: A Stunning Tablescape

After we shared a tutorial on how to create a beautiful DIY Foliage Floral Arch as a backdrop in Part 1, it's time to set the table! You can't have a dreamy bridal shower without a stunning table setting, right?

For the dinner table, here's a checklist:

• RUNNER - An ivory cheesecloth  

• PAPER TABLEWARE - Large platescups, and lunch napkins in peach blush and gold from Goddess Collection, large platessmall plates, and cups in black and gold from Noir Collection, marble small plates 

• GLASSWARE - Standard clear glass  

• FLATWARE - Gold! 

• CANDLE HOLDERS - A variety of black and gold holders with white taper candles and votives

• FLOWERS - White flowers with foliage. We've used white sweet peas and green pieris in a white footed vase. 

A soft cheesecloth table runner is delicate and flowy, creating an ethereal vibe for the table. Try leaving plenty of fabric at the end to let it drape beautifully onto the floor. 

sweet peas floral arrangement

A loose arrangement of white sweet peas and foliage make an elegant yet relaxed statement. 

modern blush and black table setting

Since you're using paper partyware and not actual china here, you can be a little bit more playful and unconventional with the setting here. Try placing our small plate on the side of the large plate and placing our napkins at an angle to create an interesting composition. 

  adorada rose wine

Finish off the table with a pretty bottle of Rosé. Even better if you can find a bottle that can match your color theme! We love Adorada Wine here as it goes perfectly well with our Goddess and Noir Party Collections. And trust us, the rosé tastes as good as it looks!  

How To Host A Dreamy Bridal Shower Part 1: DIY Foliage Floral Arch

Floral arches a la Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding ceremony continue to trend for weddings. We can translate this trend effortlessly for a dreamy bridal shower, without spending the big bucks.  

We enlisted our trusted wedding florists and friends, Michele and Marianne, from Tango & Foxtrot to show us how to make a beautiful DIY Foliage Floral Arch. 

To make a statement, try an ultra-simplified version by taping stems of foliage onto a focal wall or door frame to capture the essence of a floral arch. Be sure to attach the foliage the night before or the morning of the event. Allow about 1.5 hours for the installation. It's a simple process, but you'll want to fluff and finesse! 

floral arch supplies

DIY Ingredients:

• 1 to 2 bunches of jasmine vines. (You want to pick vines that are lightweight for this project.) 
• Scissors
• Gloves to prevent any scissors cuts!
• Clear tape that will not chip your interior paint
Estimated time: 1.5 hrs

First, weed out unsightly dead leaves and lay out all the usable ones on the floor.

DIY floral archThen, map out an arch shape on the wall or door frame. We suggest starting on top and working your way down. We like a more top heavy look. Fill in with more vines as needed!

To secure the leaves, simply tape the stems along the desired path. Start with a piece of tape that is horizontally placed on the stem. Then, secure the tape with two additional pieces of tape in the shape of an X. The result should look like three pieces of tape that look like an asterisk as shown below. 

DIY floral arch

We decided to go for a semi-arch shape and cover just the right side of our wall. Since we have some wainscoting paneling on our wall, we decided to also lay some foliage on top as well. 

And voila! The result is an elegant and chic Foliage Floral Arch as the backdrop for a beautiful dinner table. Ready for Dreamy Bridal Shower Part 2


Upgrade Your Plateware For Your Last-Minute Party!

We couldn't be more thrilled when Sunset Magazine asked us to be part of their #SunsetSecretHouseParty back in April. The party took place at interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel's modern A-frame home in Palm Springs. It was the most beautiful setting with indoor and outdoor looking over the desert! 

Sunset rounded up some really great tips on everything you need to throw a swanky last-minute party! Be sure to check out the full feature here!  

Shop our Green and Blush Manhattan Collection for your next party!

How To: Style An Insta-Worthy Fall Dessert Table

Fall entertaining season is upon us and we are excited to share our styling secrets with you on how to make your next dessert table modern, chic, and insta-worthy!

Similar to the appeal of the perfectly tousled bedhead hair, the goal is to make our table look effortlessly put together without really trying. It should look uncontrived and uncluttered. And the table should appear well-edited, yet warm and inviting.

Styling Tip #1: Avoid The Symmetry Syndrome.Tables look less rigid and more natural with any setting when items are placed more organically in a free-flowing manner. Don't put the cake or pie showpiece at the center of the table. Have it elevated on a stand for all to see, but only place it on one of the sides.

modern fall thanksgiving dessert table

Styling Tip #2: Keep your color palette clean and minimal. Use those yummy earthy fall neutrals as the base for your dessert table. Try using our blush kilim party plates and blush cocktail napkins to add some color. Mix in some black and white to balance the warm tones with cooler ones. We used a mix of black, white, gold, and beige accents to keep the palette minimal. To tie the rest of the table together, we used our black and gold party plates, marble party plates, and marble cocktail napkins (coming in November) to serve our guests! The best part about our partyware is that you can achieve that minimal look without looking mundane. After all, this is a party, so have fun with mixing patterns as long as they stay within the color palette. And don’t forget to add sparkles to the table with gold and glass accents.

harlow grey party plates

Styling Tip #3: Warm things up with wood. We, at Harlow & Grey, love our gold brass and marble! So, bring out all your best gold and marble pieces to show off! But, for a fall table, you definitely want to throw in some wood to warm up the table. Luckily, we have a wood table on hand. But if you don’t have a wood table, you can certainly pull off this look by adding wooden cake stands and decorative objects. Even wood branches can work.

modern friendsgiving table inspiration

Styling Tip #4: Add Autumn blooms! If you don’t know what flowers are in season, Bloom Tuesday delivers the freshest and the most unique seasonal flowers in a box every Tuesday. The flowers come loose so you can create any arrangement your heart desires! We used their fall flowers to whip up these pretty asymmetrical floral pieces. Oh, and don’t forget those white pumpkins, they’re a must!

fall flowers

autumn floral arrangement

Styling Tip #5: Personalize your table with GOLD objects you already have from your home. This gold deer head was found in our co-founder Gloria Wong Tritasavit's office desk. It's a pen cup, but for the party, we will consider it embellishment for the table. It's the finishing touch on this instagram-able table! 

gold deer head decor

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How To: DIY Balloon Arch

It seems like the latest trend in party decor is creating balloon arches. They're fun, festive, and they make a stunning statement. But how exactly do you make one? Domino Magazine recently shared a DIY tutorial on how to make one. What really caught our attention is that we love how they incorporated florals and our gold triangle garland to make this balloon arch one of a kind.

Ready to add some chic to your balloon arch? Be sure to check out the tutorial Domino


Image via Domino Magazine.

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Interview, Mix & Match, and More!

No matter how big or how small, we're always grateful for any mentions and features from our friends in the blogosphere! 

  • Check out our intimate interview about how Harlow & Grey came about on 24 East, a spankin' new Oakland-based blog dedicated to design and lifestyle.  
  • Our friends from Sweden and Tokyo gave their readers an exclusive preview of our line on their lovely modern kids & design blog, Paul & Paula
  • Party maven, Oh Happy Day, styled our Goddess Collection in so many different ways! Take a look here and here. The possibilities are endless! 

Thank you so much. We couldn't be more thrilled to be featured on these amazing blogs! 


Image via Oh Happy Day. 


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